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Your At-A-Glance High School Planning Resource for North Carolina Homeschoolers!

From planning to graduation... a simple grid to help you map out a well-rounded and competitive high school education.

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  • See what credits colleges might expect 
  • See how your plan stacks up against what local high schools require 
  • Keep track of credits earned from outside your homeschool
  • Easily move information over to an official transcript

What is the High School Planning Grid?

The High School Planning Grid™ is what I use with all of my clients to quickly and visually answer the most common high school planning questions!

By using this grid, you will see…

  • What classes your student may have covered outside of your homeschool
  • How to plan a high school portfolio that is competitive with local public schools
  • What the University of North Carolina college system requires for freshman applicants
  • An easy resource for creating an official high school transcript from your homeschool.

Homeschool planning is not as overwhelming as it seems when you look at your student’s plan as a bunch of building blocks!


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