Do You Want to Start Homeschooling With CONFIDENCE?

Family Homeschooling

The Homeschool Launchpad is for you!

If you’re too overwhelmed to begin, or you feel like you don’t quite have your footing yet, we need to create a step-by-step plan to LAUNCH that homeschool!

So you’ve decided to bring education home, you’ve withdrawn your children from school… and then what?

You start Googling for curriculum, or you ask in a Facebook group, and you get hundreds of results! What one family loved, another trashed. What’s going to work for your kids? And it looks like SO MUCH to take in!

Did you make a mistake? Should you have stuck with the school system?

Whoa there! Let’s not get crazy. This IS doable. You just need a plan, and someone with experience to guide you through it.

So let’s do it together, ok?

What is the Homeschool Launchpad?

The Homeschool Launchpad™ is a new self-paced course brought to you by The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center.

In this self-paced course, you will:

    1. Set meaningful, measurable, and achievable goals for your homeschooling journey
    2. Learn about homeschooling styles and find the right one (or the right mix) for your family
    3. Find a curriculum that works for you (instead of you working for it!) without wasting time and money
    4. Break down the curriculum and lesson plans so you know what you’ll be doing each week
    5. Have a manageable daily and weekly schedule so you can be confident you’re heading toward your goals
    6. Learn how to manage the challenges like multiple ages, working while homeschooling, and kids that resist
    7. Have the support of a community of parents on the same journey
    8. Get advice about co-ops, support groups, and other enrichments
    9. …. and more!

You will rocket from overwhelmed to empowered homeschool parent in less than one month!

The Homeschool Launchpad

Self-Paced Homeschool Startup Course
$ 74
  • 6-module course with videos and excercies to help you launch your homeschool ($650 value)
  • 6 months of access to course materials
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • BONUS: 6-month membership in The Triangle Homeschool Resource Village
  • BONUS MODULE: What To Do While You Wait for Your Curriculum To Arrive ($19 Value)
  • Includes the COMPLETE Homeschool Goal-Setting Workshop ($39 value)
  • BONUS: Homeschool Command Central Binder, templates and eBooks ($197 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is hosted on The Triangle Homeschool Resource Village, a MightyNetwork community. 
Course materials will be posted to the network beginning October 21, 2020.
You can access the content from your browser or an app on your mobile device!
After purchase, you will be sent a link to set up your account on the Village and a link to a video explaining how to navigate the community and the course.

The course should take you about 3 weeks to go through at less than an hour a few days per week.
You will have access to the course materials for 6 months from your date of enrollment (or from the date of launch if you are enrolling in our pre-launch special!)

Refunds can be given within 7 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason. Email laina@trianglehomeschoolresources.com to request a refund.

Since the course is hosted on The Triangle Homeschool Resource Village, community membership is included with your purchase. 
There are message boards and other resources within the community to ask for help. The instructor will be active on these boards.
Also included is a monthly coaching call for anyone working through The Homeschool Launchpad. The schedule and links to access the video call will be posted in the Events section of the community.

Yes! We cover all stages in the course and because it's self-paced, you can skip the high school section if it doesn't apply to you, or skip the play-based activity video if you're kids are past that.

Absolutely! The course is hosted within The Triangle Homeschool Resource Village which is accessible from a browser, or through the MightyNetworks app on a tablet or a phone.

You will be ready! You might want to look a the unit on the homeschool laws first, and then you'll be legally set up. You don't have to have curriculum picked out or in-hand to register your homeschool and withdraw your students from public school.

Laina Yeisley, Founder of The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center

My name is Laina Yeisley and I’ll be your traveling companion in this new world of homeschooling. I have been educating my children at home for 12 years across two states. 

Having 2 teens and a preschooler at home, I’m currently experiencing children nearing both the entrance into and exit from homeschool. I love to open people’s minds to the possibilities homeschooling brings, and I love to learn from those who have experiences to share. 

I also like coffee and chocolate. And crafts. As in, all the crafts.

I grew up watching my Mom and Grandmothers build support communities around their kitchen tables and across picket fences (oh, and at Bingo — anyone play Bingo?). Times have changed, but I believe we can still have that connection combining technology with those good old face-to-face meetings. I really hope you’ll join me!





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