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Meet Laina Yeisley, creator of The Homeschool Launchpad™. 

In 2018, Laina founded The Triangle Homeschool Resource Center to help families in the greater Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina connect to information, resources, and other homeschoolers. She also co-founded Carolina Homeschool Conference in 2019 to bring an annual connection-focused homeschool conference to Raleigh. 

Laina has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. She enjoys applying her technical background toward finding better ways for homeschoolers to connect with resources and one another.

This is her story…

Laina Yeisley, creator of The Homeschool Launchpad
Laina Yeisley

When my oldest came home from preschool complaining that school was boring and he hated it, I knew that I had to look for something different. At the time, I thought that meant just a different home in a different school district in our home state of Pennsylvania.

So in the interim while we did some house-hunting, I began looking into homeschooling. I figured I couldn’t screw up teaching Kindergarten. That would give us a year to get settled elsewhere, right?

But after that year, we found ourselves uprooted and moving to North Carolina. The lack of snow and abundance of sweet tea were definite pluses; the confusion caused by figuring out county-wide school systems, magnet schools and year-round schedules was definitely a minus. Two years later, we were enjoying our new home and homeschooling our now 2nd-grader and his kindergarten-aged sister, and, we realized, we really liked it!

So here we are, in our 11th year of this journey, and boy, has it been a ride! We’ve added a 3rd child to the mix, a full 10 years younger than his siblings. Two teens and a preschooler – oh my!

Along the way, I’ve tried just about every style of homeschooling, countless ways of scheduling, a half dozen co-ops and support groups, and new curriculum every 6 months or so.

I’ve learned a thing or two in the process:  I’ve learned to find the joy in the journey; I’ve learned that abandoning a curriculum is not a failure; I’ve learned that allowing my children to follow their passions is a great method of education. 

My passion is to help you get to that place of joy from the moment you launch your homeschool… not 10 years down the road!

You can do this, friend. C’mon in. I’ll start some coffee and put out the chocolate!

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